Corporate Gifting

Are you looking for a beautiful way to gift your staff or clients but do more than just buy a branded coffee mug or worse, a water bottle! Finally a socially conscious option. 

The Hope Initiative allows companies to gift beautiful bangles with a social impact. You can choose one of our great bangles or coin your own saying. If you like we can add your business name inside as well.

I know what your thinking, this is pretty amazing but I promise it gets better. For every bangle purchased we will provide a charity pack to one one of the wonderful charities we support, pick one or mix it up, the decision is yours.

If you have questions about our corporate gifting please reach out as we are happy to answer any questions you might have.

“I feel like it is my duty to help other people who need a hand, provide assistance and repay the debt of kindness that was shared with me.”

Cascie Kambouris, Owner, The Hope Initiative

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