Poverty. Homelessness. Domestic violence.

In these situations, it’s about survival and choices.

Stay or go?  Food or shelter?

I know. I have been there.  I have had to make some hard choices.  And with each hard choice, came the consequences.

It is these choices that I don’t want anyone else in a vulnerable position to have to make and I know you don’t either – a mother shouldn’t have to choose to buy a loaf of bread or sanitary products for her daughter, to feed many hungry mouths or a roof over their head.

This is where The Hope Initiative fits in.

If you and The Hope Initiative can take one thing out of their equation so that the person in need has one less choice to make, then we have helped.

Each bracelet represents humanity.  It is designed to inspire you to do good for humanity continually, the very reason we are here.  The quotes are powerful reminders to keep going, you can do this, we all have bad days and need a little help just like those vulnerable in our society.

I have hit rock bottom, several times and never want to experience it again.

The Hope Initiative is something big for me.  It puts a jump in my step, and I want that for you too.  I want you to feel you are making a difference by reducing the number of hard choices in the life of someone in need.

Hope Initiative is a beacon of light for those in need, and an inspiration for those that can help and make a difference.

Much love and kindness,

Who your purchase supports

For every bracelet, bangle, pendant or anchor purchased, we’ll provide a care package to one of the wonderful charities we support.

Baby Give Back

Helping families in crisis, because every baby deserves an equal start. 

From nappies and wipes to prams, cots, car seats and everything in between. Everything that leaves the baby Give Back warehouse is thoroughly cleaned, safety checked, and beautifully packaged for its new families.

Visit baby Give Back

Media Enquiries

Our founder, Cascie Kambouris, is available for interviews and comments on stories related to homelessness and domestic violence and social change.

Featured Podcasts

Please get in touch via our contact form if you’d like to know more.

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