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I love you jewellery
I love you jewellery



Sometimes you just need to tell yourself IFLY and remind yourself you are amazing.

#IFLY is an inside saying, it stands for I F@@KING LOVE YOU but also doubles as IFLY which clearly as a go getting human you do!

We also believe the #IFLY bangle makes the perfect gift so why not tell someone you love them with our #IFLY bangle.

Discreet - you can wear them to work and play
Fully adjustable to fit your wrist perfectly
Hypoallergenic and tarnish resistant
Lightweight, comfortable, and durable

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

This bangle was the perfect gift for our son who is currently living and working overseas. A little thought from us but a daily reminder to him of how much he is missed and loved by all of us back home!
The black and extra thickness is also a great choice for a masculine gift! Love it! Thank you!

Black #ifly

I was gifted this sleek stylish band by a beautiful caring soul and every time I look down it reminds me that I have the ability to impact people for the better..!
I wear it daily with my other bands.!